Initials/Age:  DMN / 60
Handicap: 17.2
Years Playing Golf: 40

“I found the thinner top line when looking down at the club appealing.”

“I felt the trajectory, distance and gapping were appropriate for the club selected.”


Initials/Age:  SJR / 59
Handicap: 11
Years Playing Golf: 30

“I like the three swing concept and pleasing aesthetics.  I found the common center of gravity very appealing.”

“The ease of set up for each club is appealing as is the repeatable swing.”

“Good looking set of irons.”


Initials/Age:  NJA / 78
Handicap: 12
Years Playing Golf: 68

“The technology seems to lend itself to very good players.”

“The clubs are quality made and the custom features make them suitable for many players.”

“These clubs are cutting edge technology. The clubs that are the same length in any of the three groups feel and perform identical to each other.” There is no need to make swing adjustments to compensate for different lengths.”

“It seems like the clubs are easy to hit straight.”

“Not sure most golfers will understand the three swing theory. Most think they use the same swing for all clubs regardless of length of the club.”


Initials/Age:  HAS / 61
Handicap: 13
Years Playing Golf: 49

“I hit the ball well. I thoroughly enjoyed the feel on impact.”

“I seemed to hit the ball more consistently.”

“I found the aesthetics appealing. Good looking shaft and head.”

“I loved the shaft. I had wrist surgery 20 years ago and some clubs hurt my wrist on impact, These were painless and I loved the flex.” (Aerotech i80cw Regular Flex)


Initials/Age:  MSP / 63
Handicap: 8
Years Playing Golf: 56

“They look like old school irons.  Top lines are excellent.”

“I liked the look and launch angle for these clubs, especially the mid-irons.”

“I felt the overall gapping and distance were appropriate for these clubs.”

“Overall the wedge selection is great, but I can't figure out which clubs to take out to accommodate all the wedges.”


Initials/Age: BNK / 59
Handicap: 30
Years Playing Golf: 15

“The solid look and lines of the clubs are appealing.”

“My swing feels more repeatable, resulting in better consistent contact with the clubs.”

“I thought it was fair price for a great product.”

“Great concept that actually translates into a better game.”