Fellow Golf Enthusiasts, 

Welcome to EQUS® Golf, the culmination of a six year journey to develop and manufacture a multi-combination iron set using traits of both traditional and single length golf clubs. 

We have created a new system of iron progressions by which we will be known. Those who play our clubs, view our internet presence or the unique logo that identifies them as EQUS will immediately recognize the forethought and accomplishment of this truly innovative design.

Our clubs reflect a concept that is visually alluring, gives a feeling of consistency, technological precision, progression and forward thinking. These core traits are the essence of EQUS Golf.

Golf equipment will always continue to evolve and improve; we are confident that EQUS Golf will be part of this evolution in the amateur and professional ranks both today and into the future. 

Please follow our story and join us in our quest to make golf a simpler game for all to play.