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About EQUS® Golf:

The EQUS irons are unlike any other iron set on the market. The unique combination of weights, lengths and lofts are unique to the golf industry today.

By reducing the number of swings necessary to hit each iron in this set, by default, EQUS irons provide more reproducible swings and therefore improved consistency from club to club when compared to traditional iron sets. With swing consistency comes improved ball striking, which in turn leads to better scoring on the golf course.

Below are the salient points for the EQUS A-1 Irons.

1. Within each club in a given combination, in addition to identical weight and length, there is an identical CG (in 3 axes), relative to the club face. This results in identical launch conditions for each club within the same combination with the only variable being loft. This patent pending approach is not seen with traditional clubs of different CGs, weights and lengths.

2. EQUS Golf’s patent pending length and loft combinations utilizes increased loft of sequential clubs in each combination offset by matching increased length resulting in identical gapping between sequential clubs both in and between combinations. Human and robotic testing of > 3,000 swings at Golf Labs in San Diego provided validation of this concept.

Traditional lofts (4 – PW)        24       27      30          34       38      42           46

Length                                      38.5   38.0   37.5       37.0   36.5   36.0        35.5


EQUS lofts*        (4 – PW)         24       28      32          34       39      44           46

Length                                      38.5   38.5   38.5       37.0   37.0   37.0        35.5


* Actual lofts rounded to next whole number

3. EQUS clubs were purposely designed with no ancillary weighting structures, inserts, ferrules or badges while still achieving matching CGs and tolerances surpassing industry standards.

Industry head weight tolerances +/- 3.0 grams

EQUS head weight tolerances <  +/- 1.0 grams


Industry loft tolerances +/- 1.0 degrees

EQUS loft tolerances <  +/- 0.5 degrees


Industry swing weight tolerances +/- 1.0 SW points

EQUS swing weight tolerances <  +/- 0.5 SW points


Industry length tolerances +/- 0.125 inches

EQUS length tolerances <  +/- 0.0625 inches


4. The unique weights, lengths and lofts of EQUS club heads required a design from scratch. This design, incorporating matched centers of gravity (CG) using a single piece of 431 stainless steel, required over 1,000 CAD hours to complete. The EQUS design is consistent throughout the entire set and unlike traditional irons does not radically change when reaching the short irons (wedges).

5. EQUS irons have components of all three club distinctions.

  • Super Game Improvement - cavity back and ease of play.
  • Game Improvement - midsize with small progressive offset.
  • Players - Upper blade design, CG and MOI matched with CNC milled face and grooves. The EQUS A-1 conforms to the Rules of Golf.

Overall we consider this a game improvement iron based on traditional lofts.

6.  Bryson’s DeChambeau’s equipment and approach to golf has championed the single length iron concept and altered many of the perceptions of traditional golfers however, earlier attempts at single length irons have proved to extreme of a change to be universally accepted by the golfing market. Tommy Armour produced the EQL irons in the 1980’s where every club within the set was a 6-iron length. In 1998 1-Iron Golf debuted followed by recent additions by both Tom Wishon and Cobra Golf.

Although the merits of single swing mechanics using single length irons sounds promising, the diverse specifications of mid-length wedges and mid-length long irons might prove difficult for most customers to overcome. The EQUS irons are simply an evolution of the single length concept and traditional clubs. 

7. EQUS golf irons are MOI (Moment of Inertia) matched for each set (see specifications). The result is a progressive swing weight, constant within each individual combination, and progressive in subsequent combinations. This allows a repeatable swing using multiple clubs without the awareness or perception of change. Each combination of irons projects the same “feel”, unrecognizable when compared, except for loft.

8. Hand built to order, these unique irons were designed to adapt to all levels of play. The ability to customize each set of irons to individual golfer’s abilities further distinguishes EQUS Golf. All EQUS Golf clubs are hand assembled in Austin, Texas by Jeff Sheets Golf. With over 28 years of experience in designing, fitting and customizing golf equipment Jeff Sheets, a Master Club Fitter, leads all assembly and customization.

9. In an EQUS golf set, the 10, 11 and 12 irons replace traditional wedges while retaining the traditional markings of P, W, L and S. These clubs are a progressive continuation of the lower lofted combinations in both specification and design. The result is a four wedge system utilizing only three lofts.

The EQUS golf combinations use a 12L wedge designed with the same loft as the 12S while utilizing the same lower bounce found in both the 10P and 11W. This combination helps simplify decision making around the green by eliminating loft (i.e. distance) as a variable. The club is chosen based on the playing conditions alone and not the distance desired.


Narrowing the golfer’s swing mechanics down to only three golf swings is a derivation of both single length and traditional irons. Using matched combinations in three progressive lengths, these clubs allow golfers to easily transition to the single length concept without changing their current swing or giving up standard grips, lies or the traditional lengths found in long, mid and short irons. This concept is designed to improve consistency, ball striking ability and therefore, performance for golfers of all levels thus, making golf an easier game for all to play. 





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EQUS® Golf Facts:

  • The new EQUS series of irons highlight traits of both traditional length and single length golf clubs.
  • EQUS iron’s simple yet distinctive design, both elegant and precise, representing over 1,000 hours of CAD and SolidWorks modeling.
  • The EQUS clubs were designed to allow a repeatable swing using multiple clubs without the awareness or perception of change.
  • EQUS golf irons are MOI matched for each combination in each set.
  • EQUS golf clubs were conceived as a continuous design throughout the iron set using three identically matched combinations of irons.
  • EQUS irons are unique in that the center of gravity is identical in each club relative to the club face.
  • The patent pending designs of EQUS Golf are the product of six years of research, testing and development.
  • Designed to rival tolerances found only at the professional level, EQUS Golf irons are manufactured within a 1% tolerance.
  • EQUS Golf’s patent pending approach uses matched combinations in three progressive lengths allowing consistent gapping between clubs.
  • EQUS Golf has chosen a combination of traditional and single length irons.
  • The EQUS concept is designed to improve consistency, ball striking ability and therefore, performance for golfers of all levels.
  • EQUS Golf presents a simplistic solution to a complex geometric problem.
  • EQUS represents an elegant, ergonomic set of golf irons designed to make golf an easier game for all to play.
  • EQUS irons use 431 stainless steel precision engineered to standards rivaled only in the aerospace industry,
  • Each combination of EQUS irons projects the same “feel”, unrecognizable when compared, except for loft.
  • The progressive swing weight between combinations in EQUS irons creates precision MOI matching.
  • EQUS Golf’s definitive style, simple and pure, devoid of eccentricities or flare allows a consistent evolution in shape and function
  • EQUS irons’ CG at impact is equidistant from the ball in all clubs in a combination ensuring a consistent feel at impact.
  • Independent robotic and human testing by Golf Laboratories has provided validation of EQUS Golf’s multi combination iron concept.
  • EQUS Golf’s CNC milling process has allowed EQUS A-1 irons to achieve the pinnacle of precision.
  • Length and therefore club head speed remain constant for each club in any given combination resulting in improved consistency.
  • EQUS Golf utilizes standard parameters in matched combinations, resulting in a more consistent, easier iron set to play.
  • The EQUS iron design allows an easy transition to a modified single length system,
  • EQUS irons are manufactured to less than one half the typical tolerances found in the golf industry today.
  • Conceived in Arizona, designed in the cloud and based in Texas, EQUS Golf will focus on Direct to Consumer sales and service.
  • The identical “feel” found in EQUS irons accentuates the belief of continuity, consistency and ease of use.
  • Uniformity and progression are adhered to in every drawing, model, prototype and final product produced by EQUS Golf.
  • EQUS irons were engineered to not require ancillary weighting structures while maintaining a patent pending identical CG placement.
  • EQUS Golf clubs allow golfers to easily transition to the single length concept without changing their current swing.
  • EQUS clubs maintain a equidistant contact point between the CG and the ball at impact.
  • EQUS irons incorporate a four-wedge system utilizing only three lofts, helping simplify decision-making around the green.
  • Unlike traditional iron progressions, EQUS irons change length only between combinations.
  • By combining both traditional and single length golf clubs, EQUS Golf has one of the most consistent iron golf sets on the market today.
  • Within any given combination, EQUS Golf clubs utilize a matched MOI to improve consistency.
  • Jeff Sheets Manufacturing will form the backbone for assembly, shipping and customization of EQUS golf clubs.
  • EQUS uses progressive matched combinations for size, weight, shape and form resulting in a set unique to others on the market today.
  • EQUS Golf’s unique patent pending loft progressions allow consistent gapping between clubs within and between combinations.
  • Innovation and design are traits highlighted by EQUS irons.
  • An identical center of gravity in each EQUS iron combination creates more consistent launch characteristics in each club.
  • EQUS Golf provides a solution to inconsistency, a major barrier to success for a majority of golfers today.
  • EQUS Golf’s four-wedge / three-loft system allows playing conditions, not distance, to dictate the club chosen. 
  • EQUS clubs utilize matched Moments of Inertia to improve consistency within any given combination in a set of EQUS irons.

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